1. If you’re in Vancouver, pick up a copy of the October edition of Vancouver Magazine, and you’ll see a whole bunch of photos I took for this year’s “25 Tastes”.

    Yes, I got to sample a lot of them.
    They were great.


  2. While in Tofino, through a streak of good fortune, I was asked if I’d like to go up/out for a run with Tofino Air!

    Um, yes please!

    It had been foggy every morning since I had been there but (I’m assuming thanks to the good fortune I was having) it was gorgeous and sunny, and I got to see some stunning landscapes.

    There are a few more shots on the blog post on Vancouver Is Awesome.


  3. JUST got back from another fun trip to Tofino and Ucluelet.

    One of my stops was for dinner at the Wolf In The Fog, which was still under construction last time. I had an incredible meal, and some tasty drinks - more photos from which you can see on the blog post on VancouverIsAwesome.com - click here.

    I’ll post a few more images from the trip in the next few days.


  4. It appears I know a few handsome musicians (okay, a LOT) and it’s always great when they ask me to take photos of them.

    Never work when you have great subjects to start with.

    Top: Timothy Jaromir
    Middle: Nathan Shubert
    Bottom: David Newberry


  5. Finally putting the rest of my photos from my trip to the Villa at Hester Creek up on Vancouver is Awesome. (Click the link to see the post.)

    I’ve fallen behind (as I usually do in summer) on the blogging, but as I catch up on work I’ll try and post some more shots of my adventures.


  6. It was pointed out that I haven’t blogged in a while…(thanks Mom)…so while I write up some blog posts about food in Tofino, and edit photos of wine in Osoyoos, here are a few teaser photos.

    I was in Tofino for the Victoria Day long weekend covering the FEAST festival, and one of the fun dinners I got to have was on a boat, floating in an inlet.

    Above are some shots of the Wolf In The Fog crew setting the meal up, as well as the epic sunset we caught on our way home.

    More soon. 


  7. Last week I went to Sun Peaks for 24 hours to catch the DEW Tour AM Series ski and snowboard (slopestyle) competition.

    It was pretty awesome, and kinda crazy what these amateur riders could do!

    I JUST finished the post on it over on VIA…click here to check out more photos and a run down of the events. Also, The Sheepdogs came in from the Junos in Winnipeg for a show so I got to shoot that as well.


  8. I have a photo in the March issue of Vancouver Magazine! Did you know that cauliflower is the new kale?

    This cauliflower custard dish is from Burdock and Co. on Main Street in Vancouver. Nom nom nom…


  9. Sometimes it takes me a while to find where my photos have ended up…esp. when they’re in a business section of a newspaper in another province and the editor left for another job.

    Anyways, here’s a shot I took in September that was published by the Toronto Star in October of David and Shaun of The Plastic Bank. It’s a pretty cool project - read more about it in the article.

    I shot with them in Deep Cove, and they were a pretty awesome duo. (Outtake above.)


  10. Another awesome thing during Dine Out Vancouver was the Chef Soup Experiment…

    About 50 Chefs/Media were asked to bring an ingredient to Edible Canada and the culinary school would take them all and make them into a soup, that they would then serve up to the public.

    I brought kale…and the soup was actually pretty awesome. Read more on my VIA blog post here.